is a social site... its success depends on you and your friends! How many time did you discover that you just missed the concert of that new band you just heard on the radio? How many time did you arrive in a new place and you didn't know what to do in the evening? And what about your hobby? Are you sure that you heard about all the events that you really would like to attend in your hometown?

At we know that there are always a lot of interesting and funny things to do, but we also know that it's almost impossible to keep tracks of all the amazing events that are happening everyday. And we are not speaking about the concert of the rockstar who just started his new tour... we are speaking about that small pub where a young singer is playing for his very first time... we are speaking about that free chess tournament held at the park... or a special sale on that new shop.

We hope that will soon become a reference for collecting all these events all around the world.

is a free social site. No fee for advertise your events, everybody can post a new events... just register and start to post them! Check the events that you would like to track... connect your google or apple calendar and you will get them directly in your phone, tablet or pc!